Top 5 Games for Moms

Mom ♥
You love her in spite of the fact that she couldn’t stick a 360 Indy Nosebone if her life depended on it and let’s not even mention her Kill/Death Ratio.

I’ve seen plenty of lists out there about Top Games for Children or Top Games to Play With Your Kids but very few lists have been compiled for that most special of niche gamer: Mom.

In honor of Mother’s Day, which is right around the corner here in the US, now is a great time to organize a list of fun and engaging games that will appeal to the “Mom Gamer”.


♥ Farming Games


This type of game is light hearted and always endearing. You plant and harvest crops, get to know the townsfolk and eventually maybe even woo a life partner. Your Mom might enjoy working in the garden without the sore back afterwards.

 Harvest Moon, Rune Factory
What kind of Mom would like it? Gardeners, Romance Enthusiasts, Moms who enjoy structure and routine.


♥ Rhythm Games

RhythmHeavenFever_Wii-300x168This type of game is a natural evolution of Simon, less hectic and not as rife with Devil Worship inspired Rock-n-Roll music as the Guitar Hero and Rock Band brands, rhythm based games allow you to play tambourine with a monkey or use hip hop to resolve a Godzilla attack on the city. Your Mom might enjoy keeping the beat without having to break out the drum set.

Examples:  Rhythm Heaven Series, Elite Beat Agents
What kind of Mom would like it? Songstresses, toe-tappers, Moms who enjoy order and precision


♥ Matching Games

tetrisparty-300x225This type of game has been a perennial favorite among casual gamers for over two decades. Your Mom might enjoy matching colors and racking up sick scores.

Examples: Tetris Party DeluxeBejeweled 3, Bust-a-Move
What kind of Mom would like it? Score keepers, challenge seekers, Moms who enjoy color coded brain teasers


♥ Point-and-Click Adventure Games

syberia5-300x225This type of game has become increasingly scarce in the last few years, but few gamers can say they haven’t had at least one point-and-click experience that didn’t inspire their imaginations. Your Mom might enjoy watching a clever narrative unfold as she figures out how to combine that piece of gum with the rubber ducky.

 Syberia, The Longest Journey, The Secret of Monkey Island
What kind of Mom would like it?  Thinkers, Detectives, Moms with a knack for solving puzzles


♥ Social Games

The-Sims-3-the-sims-3-24442007-430-320-300x223There is nothing so rewarding as raising a loving family and living in a nice home that compliments your tastes. The next best alternative is a virtual family of lunatics living in a mad house for you to manipulate at your whim. Your Mom might enjoy controlling each and every little facet of a person’s life and not being despised for it.

The Sims 3, Animal Crossing
What kind of Mom would like it? Interior Decorators, Gossips, Moms who want to be in everyone’s business